XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym Review

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The question about money comes into play when talking about fitness. You definitely need some money to get fit, be it spent in the form of gym memberships or one-time fee of a home gym. In the long run, it would be cheaper to get an inexpensive home fitness machine like XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym. But does such a budget apparatus beat a real gym? Moreover, will it get you in shape at all? I’ll answer these and other interesting questions in the review below!

XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym in nutshell

The XR 55 is a traditional home fitness machine with several different stations such as pec deck, high pulley and low pulley. Despite its price it offers the possibility to do core movements and strengthen your body parts equally. Included are also weights which is something you don’t often see in home gyms.

Is it good for many exercises?

Like most home fitness equipment, also XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym concentrates on the upper-body muscles. For example, there’s the pec deck which you can use for butterfly press and reverse butterflies to develop your pectoralis (chest) muscle.

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In front, there is a removable preacher pad. With help of the lower pulley you can do curls with that – you don’t need to buy any additional bar.

A straight bar is included (even though not shown in the picture). You can hook it up to high or low pulleys and do lat pulldowns, ab crunches or seated rows with that.

For legs, the machine offers leg extension and hamstring curls. Leg presses are not unfortunately possible.

The strong points

Ten 12.5 pounds weights are included, but because of the pulley system the actual resistance will be more. The max resistance for the bench is 276 pounds, pretty much even for a seasoned lifter!

If you’re tall it shouldn’t be a problem to use this apparatus. People that were 6’2″ and 6’3″ reported XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym is easy for them to operate.

This XR 55 is probably the cheapest home gym currently available. With the price of ten months in a commercial gym you can get this fitness machine to your home and it will last for years.

The maximum user weight is 300 pounds. It’s the standard weight cap for these home gyms and accommodates those who’re looking to lose some serious fat.

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The weak points

Some exercises can not be done with this simple machine. For example, a fixed bar on top is missing so pull and chin ups aren’t possible. Also as you can see, there is no way to do squats or deadlifts with this.

Keep in mind that more weights can not be added to this unit. Also, the seat is not adjustable (however preacher curl pad is).

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Is this better than a real gym?

To answer this, you need to know what you want and what you value in your training? For general fitness and getting in shape XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym is great. In the long run it will definitely be cheaper than giving money to a gym every month! Also, the possibility to work out without anybody seeing is a great idea for many. The advantages of a traditional gym include a bigger variety of exercises, bigger weights and other like-minded people to connect with. If you just want to work out without anyone looking or disturbing you, this kind of home fitness machine is usually a good buy.

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Does it help me to lose fat? Build muscle?

XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym, like any strength training, aids you to lose the extra lard or pack some muscle. It’s really only a matter of overloading your muscles, feeding them with right nutrients and giving time to recover. Indeed, losing fat and building muscle are goals of 99% people who use these gyms, and to tell you the truth it’s more about what you eat that dictates the change in your body. If you exercise with this machine and eat at calorie deficit, fat loss will happen. Conversely, if you exercise and eat just a little more than you consume, you will build muscle. The basics are that simple!

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Is assembly easy?

To get XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym assembled one person is enough but with two it’s always faster. Many people said it took 3-4 hours of work to put it up alone. Note that you will need to grease the pulleys. A tube of lubricant is included and it’s a one-time application.

The shipping weight of the unit is 132 pounds which gives an idea how much it will weigh when ready. The machine is shipped in two or three boxes. Assembled, the dimensions are 79″ high, 65″ long and 39″ wide.


As contemplated in this review, XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym has one huge advantage over other home gyms: it’s very affordable. Many machines cost over thousands of dollars, yet this XR 55 can be bought at a fraction of that price. Moreover, if user reports are correct (why shouldn’t they be?), this equipment also works well – people have said that long-time use lead to fat shedding and even some new muscle. True, not all exercises are doable with this unit, but I wouldn’t complain too much considering the price. All in all, if you want to get in shape without paying an arm and leg, this XR 55 is a recommended choice for you!

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