Answer these questions before you go and buy a home gym!

In theory, buying a home gym is not a hard task at all. You can click yourself to a web shop or walk to the nearest brick and mortar store. There, you can buy the first one the salesperson recommends to you. This surely is a convenient way, but it might not be the most […]

The best home gym workout routines for women can be found in this post!

So, you have a home gym and want to get in shape? Great, you’re in the perfect position to start getting fit. Now, you just need the motivation and the right workout program to get started. Motivation you have to find yourself, but in this article I’ll let you know ideas about the latter. Enter […]

Ever though if muscle building is possible with home gym? This article has the answer for you!

I have said this before on this site and I will say it again. The marketers want to make you believe home gyms are an answer to all of your fitness-related problems. Be it fat loss or packing some new muscle, the home gym will help you with that! So the manufacturers like to say, […]

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Home gyms are often touted as All-in-One workout machines. That is partially true – they are often very big, look exotic and even a bit scary. So many features and “stations” they have. So this begs the question: what should you actually do with your home gym then? You can surely play around with it […]

What can you do with home gym? This article will tell you!

When you do something that requires commitment, you’d better have a plan. It does not have to be perfect. And the beginning is always the hardest part in the journey. The same goes for working out at home. Indeed, before you buy a home gym, you should make a plan and stick to it. Hitting […]