Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage Review

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Read this Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage review before you buy the product!
To look better is the wish of all the people. And to achieve this you have several options. Going to a gym and paying the monthly fee is one of the more popular things to do, yet it certainly isn’t the only option. Because to work out at home is a great alternative for a conventional gym! For this, manufacturers have made devices like Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage. On the surface it looks good and will get you in shape, but what does a closer examination reveal us?

What is Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage?

Simply put, the Weider is a weight cage with bench and smith machine. It is possible to do several, should I say the most useful, exercises with this apparatus. The smith machine comes with a 25 pounds full metal barbell. It can be racked and unracked by rotating the bar, just like in all such machines.

Included are pulleys, ropes and lat bar, so all the basics. However, plates are not included and those you need to buy separately.

What are the exercises I can do with this home gym?

Check out this Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage review before you spend your money on this item!

You might already guess that a plethora of exercises is doable on such a home gym. It’s not just for upper body, also lower body is taken care of. There are no important exercises I can think of that are missing!

The adjustable bench goes into flat, decline and incline positions so bench press and its variations can be done with it. Also there are mechanical arms for the popular butterfly chest press. The power rack also allows to do shoulder press for your deltoids.

Bicep curls are possible with the the included rolled preached pad. Triceps can be worked with the high pulley, a rope is attached there.

With the pull-up station you can work your lats. Possible are also rows and the famous lat pulldown!

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For the lower body you can do smith squats with this! There’s also a built-in spotting system so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck under the bar. In addition, you can do leg extensions and curls.


Several people have said that the smith machine (with linear bearings) glides smooth and nice. That’s important for many so you’re not thrown off balance when exercising.

The maximum user weight is 300 pounds, so it’s suitable even for the bigger of us. Some other home workout stations have less capacity but that’s not a problem with this machine!

Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage is not just a regular pec deck with some pulleys, but also adjustable power rack and smith machine. The apparatus even works for squats, that is rare candy for home gyms.


Check out this Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage review before you spend your money on this item!

Even though the cables are good for exercises requiring just one cable, for two cable moves they’re too close together. So cable crossovers and flies are not ideal with this – the range of motion will only be partial.

As you will find out, there are no rollers below Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage. Actually it would require rather heavy-duty tires because the apparatus weighs a lot. Hence, it will be a pain in the arse to move this (if you ever need to, that is!).

To actually use this machine you need to buy plates because none are included. But that’s not typical for this Weider only, many home gyms are like that. It accepts Olympic plates with 2″ diameter holes, so be sure to get those!

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Is the Weider better than a real gym?

In a commercial gym the variety of exercises is bigger, but you also have to pay them every month and actually walk/drive there. With Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage you just pay one-time fee and after that it’s all free, heh. And it will stay in your home so you have no excuses to skip the exercise due to long distance or something. Finally, if you think commercial gym is more effective, it’s not necessarily so: your muscles have no ideas what is putting resistance against them, whether it’s a barbell in Anytime Fitness or the pulley system at your home!

Does Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage help me lose fat?

Check out this Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage review before you spend your money on this item!

The Weider is as good for fat loss as any other home or commercial gym. You see, the main element in fat loss is to eat at a little calorie deficit. When you combine this with strength training, you will minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss. In fact, if you’re a novice, you will build muscle and lose fat at the same time, in other words a minor body recomposition will happen. And using this Weider machine takes care of the muscle preserving/building part, for that it works wonders!

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Can I assemble it easily?

You can assemble Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage alone, but it will take time. There have been reports that it takes several hours, closer to 5-6. But once it’s done you don’t need to worry about that task anymore – concentrate on the workout instead!

Would it fit in my room?

The machine takes some space for sure. Its assembled dimensions are 84″ height, 83″ width and 110″ depth. Just remember the depth includes the bench. The weight being 326 pounds you’re not going to move this bad boy around a lot I’m afraid!


Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage is a great choice for home workout. Hitting it often and eating healthy food will make you fitter, meaning decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. The Weider might also be a safer choice than free weights, making it a good pick for the safety-concerned and elderly. Because all the essential strength training exercises are possible with it, there’s very little reason to skip this decent home gym – it’s definitely a recommended product for you!

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