PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover Review

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For decades the basic solution for getting in shape has been simple: hit the gym. This advice has been followed by millions of people. For those who stick long enough to it the results have been great – fat has been lost and muscle has been built. But was it so that all of those people indeed hit the commercial gym? Or perhaps some of them didn’t even leave their homes and got fit anyway. Of course. With the help of machines like PowerLine PCCO90X this transformation was possible even at home. Read this review to find out if the Powerline in question can help you look better or not…

So, what is the PowerLine PCCO90X?

Simply put, this Powerline is a cable crossover machine designed to get you in shape and fast. You can do a host of different cable exercises which, over time, will give you strength and also muscle mass. If you are doubtful about its effectiveness you should read several user reports over Internet – the vast majority of those are positive and saying the machine indeed works.

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The resistance comes from plates you stack to it. Remember, the resistance is not the same than the weights you put in, but a 1:2 ratio. For example, 50lbs weights will give 25lbs of tension. Keep that in mind when calculating how much you lift!

The posts for weights are eight and half inches long.

Is it good for many exercises?

To be honest, PowerLine PCCO90X is good for all exercises you can do with cable. These include, for example:

Cable flys for chest, seated cable row for back, lunges / hip extensions / glute extensions for legs.

With attachments, you can also use this thing for lat pulldowns I’ve heard.

The strong points

You can use both standard (1″ diameter) and Olympic (2″ diameter) plates for weight. Just note that you need to buy 2″ adapters if you want the Olympic plates to work with this. At least the standard plates can be bought from many shops, including Walmart.

Tall people can use the machine without issues. There were several people saying 6’4″ folks operated it fine.

A lot of weight can be stacked up. PowerLine PCCO90X will hold 200lbs worth of plates per side, meaning a whopping 400 pounds total resistance for you. It will for sure accommodate novice and intermediate lifters.

Do you want to buy the PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover home gym? This review is a must-read then!Accessories included are two cable handles and one ankle strap. The latter will be a good tool for lower body exercises.


Like with many home gym equipment, also PowerLine PCCO90X does not come with any plates. So you must buy some and factor them in the costs.

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The pulley height can not be adjusted. This should not affect your workouts, but it’s still something to keep in mind. However keep in mind the pulleys still rotate.

Does it really help me lose fat?

PowerLine PCCO90X can be helpful in fat loss, as using it will burn more calories than if you were not strength training at all. What is more, and perhaps even more important, is that hitting this home gym often will tell your body the muscles are needed. Thus, when losing fat (eating less than you consume), your body will preserve most – even all – muscles and take the energy it needs from your fat. So yes, this apparatus will help, but the real question is what you eat and how much.

Which is better, this or real gym?

Both the PowerLine and real gym will help you to get fit. It’s really a matter of putting in the effort. The good side of this machine is the location – it stays in your home! You have no reason to slack on the workouts when this equipment is close, inviting you to use it. In essence, your muscles do not care what really is putting the stress on them – the cables on this machine or the Olympic bar on your gym. It’s really all about progression and right kind of eating!

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Is assembly easy or hard?

One person can put PowerLine PCCO90X together. It will take just one or two hours.

The assembled dimensions are 82″H x 112″L x 39″W. Yep, it takes plenty of space, but as long as you have a lot of space in your room it should not be problematic.

The machine ships in three boxes:

Box 1: 17.72″ x 38.58″ x 8.27″ (74.8 lbs)
Box 2: 4.72″ x 78.74″ x 2.76″ (24.20 lbs)
Box 3: 2.76″ x 109.06″ x 2.76″ (17.60 lbs)

What is the warranty of this product?

The machine has a 10 years warranty for frame and 1 year warranty for parts. That is pretty standard length. I think the manufacturer really believes in its product which is always a sign of high quality. Moreover, Powerline has been in home gym business for ages.


PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover surely is a tool that can get you in shape. For upper-body this machine really is a beast, giving your shoulders, chest and even back a defined look over time. And do notice the price – the Powerline is cheaper than most other home gyms, saving you some dollars right away. It surely doesn’t support bench press or squats, but if you don’t care about them there’s not much to complain about. All in all, the PowerLine offers a great workout for your body, for an affordable price!

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