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Marcy Olympic Strength Cage might look tempting, but read this review to know if it's good or not!

The market for home strength training equipment is evergreen. The reason is, everybody wants to look good and to achieve that, only spend the smallest effort possible. So many people do the math and realize they need some form of fitness equipment – but to save time and effort they want the workouts happen at home! For those folks, many solutions have been invented. A professional approach to this is Marcy Olympic Strength Cage, and in this in-depth review I’ll tell you if the machine can really aid in reaching your fitness goals.

The Marcy in nutshell

Marcy Olympic Strength Cage is a power cage made of steel. It allows you to perform several excellent exercises to get your body in shape. Extra care is put to durability and stability (material is 2 x 2.75″ 16 gauge steel) so you can expect professional quality from this unit.

Included accessories are ankle strap for cable kick backs, one pulley handle and a short lat bar.

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The pull up bar is integrated in the top part as you can see from the images.

What exercises are possible?

There are dozens of movements you can do with Marcy Olympic Strength Cage. Let me list you the most effective ones below.

First, there is the squat. If you want to hit your legs hard and get some form to your butt, just do the squat! You can also opt for the front version where you keep the bar in the front of your shoulders. It’s going to hit your upper back a lot.

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Bench press and its variations, the incline and decline press, are also possible. Just keep in mind you’ll absolutely need to buy bench for those since it’s not included. Nonetheless, bench press will build muscle to your chest. And if you also want your shoulders to get their share, you can do the military press with Marcy Olympic Strength Cage as well.

On the pulley system, the best exercises you can do are upright rows for your back and tricep extensions and bicep curls for your arms. The included lat bar is good for those, but for lat pulldowns it’s too short (5 inches) I’m afraid.

The excellent thing about this power cage is, it comes with a sturdy pull-up bar system on the top. You can do the supinated (chin-up) or pronated grip (pull-up) version. But what I especially like there are also two short bars installed the other way, allowing for neutral grip pull ups – with your hands facing each other.

The last money exercise you can do is the dip. It’s great for packing muscle to triceps and lower chest. The dip bars are found in the rear and they are curved for supposedly better grip.

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Video demonstration

Strong points

The maximum weight for the pull-up frame and bar catches is 300 pounds. So in practice, you can do 300lbs squats and bench presses with Marcy Olympic Strength Cage. The pulley system allows for a maximum weight of 155 pounds which is a lot for cable exercises.

The pulley system accepts both Olympic and standard plates. The machine comes with an adapter so even those Olympic plates with 2″ diameter hole fit nicely.

The unit comes with a storage for plates so you don’t need to leave your weights laying around your room.

Weak points

Bench isn’t unfortunately included, so you need to buy that separately if you plan to do bench presses or its variations with this. Also weights and bar are not included so remember to buy them as well.

The pulleys are fixed to top and bottom positions. In other words, you can not adjust them.

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About assembly

Reading user reports about the assembly, people say it’s rather straightforward with a socket wrench. The assembly time will be 6-7 hours for one person, but only half of that if there are two people putting Marcy Olympic Strength Cage together.

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It is not required to bolt the cage down. In fact, it doesn’t even have holes for that. If you absolutely want to bolt it down, you need to drill your own holes in the bottom part.


The assembled dimensions for Marcy Olympic Strength Cage are 46″ depth, 60″ width and 87″ height. As you can see, it won’t fit into a room with 7 feet ceiling. You’ll need at least 8 feet room especially if you’re doing pull ups. With this movement, your head will rise above the top part of this machine, requiring some extra clearance.

The upright bar catches can be adjusted 14 – 67.5 inches off the ground, with the holes being 7 inches apart. The bar catches are 49 inches apart from each other, measured from outside to outside. The bar catches are 6 inches long.

The dip bars are 13 inches apart from each other. Their height can not be adjusted.


Marcy Olympic Strength Cage is a gym-grade power cage which lets you to do all the most important exercises at home. It has been praised for its durability, people saying the machine is solid and has lasted years in their use. After you get it assembled (it might take two persons) it’s only downhill from there – hit the power cage often and see fat melting or new muscle building, depending on your goal and nutrition. Thus, you have very little reasons to stay away from the Marcy if you want to get real fit!

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