Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym Review

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Getting in shape is the dream for many, and for good reasons. Looking good is associated with success, wealth and health. A common way to transform your body is to go to gym. But what if you have good reasons to avoid the gym, like you feel too self-conscious about your body and don’t want that other people see you working out? In this case, a home gym like Marcy MWM-990 can be a reasonable choice. Read this review what we, the fitness professionals, think about the product!

What is Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym?

It is “All-in-One” gym machine meant for homes. You can do more than 30 exercises, both upper body and lower body, to get in shape. The machine is made out of steel, and its weight material is composite metal (coated with rubber). Included are also lat bar, link chain and ankle strap to get you started without hassle.

The standard two pulley systems, high and low, are provided for full-body workout. Some fancier home gyms also have a middle pulley, but given the affordable price I’m not going to complain. You can do all the necessary stuff here, read on!

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The advantages

Is the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym a good choice or not?A host of exercises can be done on Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym. The most important ones are chest flies & presses (although seated, not flat) and lat pulldowns & tricep exercises for upper body. For lower body, the essential ones you can do are leg extension, leg curl and kick backs.

To get some meat in your biceps you can use the lower pulley system for arm curls.

You can easily change the lat bar for another item, such as rope pulley, if you so choose.

Several people commented it’s very well built, so there’s no fear of the machine breaking down in the middle of your workout!

The price of this product is on the lower end (some home gyms cost +700 dollars). By choosing the Marcy you’re making your wallet happy.

The disadvantages

If you are very tall you’ll have problems with this machine. 6′ is great, 6’1″ is pushing it, and more than that and you won’t reach full extension on exercises.

For advanced lifters the Marcy MWM-990 is not the best choice. You see, it comes with only a 150lbs weight stack. But due to cable system, at least the chest press will actually feel 200lbs. It’s an appropriate amount for novices and beginners, even some intermediates, but once you’re past that stage you definitely want more challenge if you want to develop!

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A minor drawback, the seat does not adjust, you can’t change its height. Anyway, you can not do flat bench press, squat or deadlift with this machine – for those “advanced” lifts, you need a commercial gym.

Video demonstration

The video is about MWM-988, the only difference with this is the color.

How can this product help me get in shape?

If you’re new to gym, pretty much any exercise regime will make your body look at least little better. So yes, Marcy MWM-990 will help you get in shape if you actively exercise with it. If you hit upper body without neglecting the lower, you’ll see change in some months – just remember to eat clean too!

Who should buy Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym?

Because the product is well-priced, it’s a good pick for people who are not too advanced in lifting. Overweight folks can use it for weight loss given that they also eat at a slight calorie deficit and keep protein intake high. Skinny people find it good for packing some muscle if you eat tad more calories than you consume. And for people who are neither, it’s still a good machine to keep your muscles occupied and build some strength.

Is it better than a real gym?

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym review: the best thing to read before you buy the product!Marcy MWM-990 can be better than a real gym, if the fact that it’s situated at your home actually makes you use it! Your muscles know no difference that what is actually giving them resistance, be it such a machine in your living room or a commercial gym. Surely in a “real” gym you can do a variety of exercises and perhaps meet like-minded people, but if you have a problem working out outside your home, the Marcy is a surefire winner!

As a plus, this machine will become much cheaper than paying monthly for a gym.

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Can I assemble it myself?

Marcy MWM-990 was designed for two persons to assemble. The manufacturer talks about 3-4 hours, however I’ve seen reports ranging from a short 2 hours to 6-7 hours (the latter if you were alone). All in all, it depends on how technical person you are. I noticed that some people complained about an unclear manual which probably increased the assembly time for them.

Allen wrenches are required and provided.

Does it fit into my room?

Like all home gyms, also this Marcy is a big boy. The exact dimensions are 69″ length, 42″ width and 78.5″ height. That said, it will also nicely fit to rooms with low ceilings.

Its weight is 275 pounds and there are no rollers under it, so moving the machine around will be taxing.


You have a good reason to get Marcy MWM-990 if getting fit is your cup of tea, and you want to do it at home! It offers an appropriate array of exercises for you to work with, and if you keep working out long enough, the result in your body is inevitable. It might take a little long to assemble, but when it’s ready, the Marcy will be a real alternative to gym. If you’re a beginner, and not too tall (not over 6 feet), we definitely recommend taking a look at this Marcy!

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