Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym Review

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Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym is a good home gym, but read this review before buying it!

Let me tell you a secret. Well, it’s not really a secret, but it’s something that many people do not realize. Here it is: You can totally get in shape doing nothing but home workouts! The reason why people don’t see this is that they’ve been brainwashed by gym companies and their advertisements to believe that fit body is only achievable in a commercial gym. But, countless of people have got better body using a home fitness machine… just like Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym!

What is this apparatus?

The Marcy is a traditional home gym with several different stations for hitting all the essential body parts. It’s made to transform your body from fat to fit, provided that you also have the eating part of the equation down. Knowing Marcy’s reputation you can expect durability and effectiveness from this home gym – just like from any of their products.

What exercises can I do with Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym?

According to the poster that comes with this machine, 15 different movements can be done. I will list the most useful ones here:

Get in shape with this Marcy fitness machine - but check out this review before!

The pec deck will be good for pec flies (butterfly press) or the standard chest press. Anyway, both will hit your pectoralis major and minor muscles and work your upper body.

Out of the box, the high pulley station is good for lat pulldowns, a great exercise to get some width to your back. In addition, if you buy a rope, you can do tricep pushdowns and get some meat to your arms.

There is also a low pulley station. With that, you can grow your biceps with standing or sitting curls. Also possible are upright rows, hitting your back a bit differently than lat pulldowns.

The leg station is good for leg extensions and curls. They are solid movements, however leg press is not supported here.

The amount of resistance varies depending on the exercises – for example bench press gives a maximum 270lbs. A resistance chart is included with the machine.

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The strong points

Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym comes with all the weights you need. There are thirteen 16 lbs plates and one 8 lbs plate included, totaling at 216 lbs of pure weight (but as noted above, the actual resistance on your muscles will be different due to pulley mechanism). The weights are made of cement, with vinyl on the surface.

The unit seems to be suitable for shorter and taller people. At least one person who was 6’5″ and another who was 5’2″ had no problems using this Marcy at home. Also maximum user weight is 300 pounds, if you’re a tad overweight there’s no fear of the machine breaking down – and if you actively use it, you won’t be overweight soon anymore 🙂

Video demonstration

The weak points

Some things, such as beginning position of chest press handles or the seat, can not be adjusted.

Keep in mind you can not add extra weight to the machine, it’s sort of a closed system. Also, some key exercises such as leg presses and pull ups are not possible with this unit.

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Does this Marcy beat a commercial gym?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The advantage of Marcy is the short distance required to go to gym. And the privacy too – not everyone wants to be observed when going to a commercial gym. Also, in the long run, this kind of home gym with one-time fee will be cheaper than paying to your local fitness house each month. On the other hand, commercial gym can offer you interesting people to chat with and more variety to workouts – deadlifts and squats included! Yet, for people just interested in getting shape, home gym should be just what they’re looking for.

Can I lose fat using this?

Let me tell you, Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym is as good for losing fat as any home fitness equipment. You must understand the essential thing about fat loss which is eating less than you consume. When you do that, you will lose weight – both fat and muscle. But, when you not only eat at calorie deficit, but also work out, a good thing happens: you tell your body that muscle is required and should not be burned. So in that regards, the Marcy works for somebody with fat loss as his/her primary goal!

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Of course, the machine won’t ship assembled but in parts. So you need to put it together yourself. It’s going to take some time, from four to eight hours. It’s real work but once it’s done you don’t need to worry about assembling anymore.

You need two adjustable wrenches for the assembly. The dimensions are 52″ x 39″ x 80″ according to user manual, but several users have reported it’s actually 84 inches high – keep that in mind!

Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym comes in total six boxes. Three of those contain the weights.

Final thoughts

Not only in my opinion, but reading the general consensus over the Internet, Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym seems to be well worth the money. It offers everything a home gym goer (heh) would need – exercises for the most important muscle groups. Definitely an advantage over most of its competitors, a weight stack is included in the price. Combining sweaty Marcy workouts with right kind of eating is a fool-proof way of shedding the fat and later building some muscle, which are probably the goals you want to reach!

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