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Read this Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage review before you buy the product!

To look good you must put in the effort. In my opinion, the most common way for this effort is hitting a commercial gym where other people also go. But, some people just don’t fit in. Maybe they like to exercise without anybody disturbing them. Or maybe they think other people in the gym are commenting their workouts. In this case, exercising at home is a good choice, and in this review I’ll tell if Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is a decent tool for that!


The Marcy is a multi-exercise home gym, developed to make you feel and look good. It includes a smith cage with which various challenging yet rewarding strength training exercises are possible. Since the amount of moves you can do is so great the home gym is good for beginners and intermediate trainers, men and women!

There are a few attachments included: some collar clips, one lat pulldown bar, one V-bar, one ankle strap, one triceps rope and two single handle straps.

Can I do useful exercises with it?

Sure you can! Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage has several stations for a full body workout.

Chest workout is possible with either the pec deck, which offers butterfly press, or the bench + smith machine combo, which is good for the good old bench press with varying angles. You can also use the cable crossovers to isolate your chest if you feel like that.

To work your back there is a lat pulldown bar and the low single pulley for seated rows. However keep in mind that no chin/pullups are possible unless you use the top frame as an awkward handle which is not meant for pulling yourself up.

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It’s also possible to get bigger arms with this machine. With the low cable, curls are very doable. Also, with the included tricep rope, you can do tricep extensions/pushdowns.

To hit the legs you can do squats with the smith machine! The unit also supports leg extensions and curls. Just remember leg presses aren’t possible unless you lay on the bench and use smith bar for pressing – however this is not an encouraged maneuver.

Video demonstration

What we like about it

The smith bar, weighing 20lbs with plastic casings, moves smoothly. It has hooks that connect to slots (at different heights) on the frame, you unrack the bar by rotating. If weight is too heavy for you and you can’t lift it, just rotate the bar the other way, lower it an inch and it will hook to a slot on the frame. The smith bar support up to 300 pounds weights so even the more seasoned lifters should find enough work here!

Bench has all the necessary angles: flat, incline and decline (one notch). Not being attached to the machine, it moves freely. The bench has 300 pounds user capacity, it is plenty but if you don’t like it you can always buy a better bench.

This review will tell you if Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is worthy of buying or not!

You can buy a separate Olympic bar too and use it for free weight squats or bench press. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage has brackets on few heights where the Olympic bar can rest (separately from the included smith bar, that is).

There has been reports from 5 foot to 6 foot 3 inches users saying they fit in.

What we don’t like

There’s one flaw with Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage: it comes with no weights. By default there’s no resistance for most of the exercises, and just the lightweight smith bar for the squat. So, you really need to buy a weight set with this. The system supports 2″ Olympic plates only.

A bummer for some, the included smith bar can not be removed. It moves on the track and does not detach. Some people also said it’s not as sturdy as commercial bars/machines, with a little bit of wobble here and there.

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Does Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage help me in fat loss?

The main component in fat loss is your diet. You need to watch what you eat, and eat less than you consume. This way, fat loss will happen no matter if you exercise or not. But, to minimize muscle loss at the same time, you really should hit the weights! And with the muscle preservation, or even building a little while losing fat, this machine is the real deal. It hits every important muscle group and stimulates them to grow.

Is it better than going to a real gym?

This review will tell you if Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is worthy of buying or not!

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage definitely can beat a real gym. It’s just a matter of exercising with it often! Because the Marcy stays in your home, the probability that you use it is higher than you actually driving to gym, I believe. So in this regard, the machine is better than a commercial gym. Another advantage is the cost – in the long run, the Marcy will be a cheaper option for you!

Is the product reliable at all?

Marcy has been in the business for over 75 years and it’s based in the United States. So yes, I would definitely call the company reliable. This in turn means their products meet high standards and do not break easily. Some people have questioned the weight sleeves which are plastic, but I can tell you they are durable. Also warranty is provided, it’s two years for the parts.

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Can I easily assemble Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage?

The machine comes in parts, some people get it assembled as quickly as 2 hours, while for some it takes 8 hours. The unit is shipped in three boxes:

– 84″ x 20″ x 7.5″ 210 lbs.
– 44″ x 21.5″ x 8″ 108 lbs.
– 60.5″ x 24″ x 7″ 77 lbs.

Is it too big for my room?

When assembled, the dimensions of Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage are 84.5 inches high, 95 inches long and 79 inches wide. There has been some confusion on the dimensions but you can trust me, those are the real measurements.

Keep in mind the product does not have rollers underneath, it’s a bit on the tough side to move it. Especially when it weighs 400 pounds.


Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is a popular, very popular home gym. There are hundreds or reviews (mostly positive) about it posted in the Internet. This should give you a clear hint about its usefulness and quality. Countless of people have gotten into shape using this machine regularly and eating healthy. You can do that too – get this Marcy and the gym part of the problem is solved. Then you only need to use it often and results will be inevitable!

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