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If you want to look better there are many things you can do. You can buy new clothes, groom regularly, take care of your hygiene. But, none of this will tremendously help unless you have a great body. And to achieve that you need resistance training. Going to a gym where other people work out is a common choice, but many effective alternatives exist. Working out at home with units like Marcy Combo Smith Machine is a good option!

Overview of the machine

Marcy Combo Smith Machine is a full body home exercise machine. It has many stations for working out, such as the smith machine, pull-up bar, lower pulley, crossover cables and a leg developer. It’s sort of an All-in-One package, a whole gym as one machine!

The included smith bar is attached to the apparatus. It can not be removed. The bar weighs around 20 pounds, not like your regular 45 pounds olympic bar.

What exercises does the apparatus support?

The bench angle goes from decline to flat to 90 degrees incline. Thus, laying on the bench and using the fixed smith bar you can perform various bench presses that are real chest developers. You can also move the bench around, it is not connected to the frame.

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In addition to bench press, if you’re facing the seat, you can do butterfly chest press with the included pec deck!

Marcy Combo Smith Machine has a bar for chin/pull-ups. I certainly recommend doing pull ups: they will work your back and arms very good, and in general pull ups are one of the best upper body exercises there exists!

Another good back developer you can do is seated row with the lower pulley. You’ll need to sit on the floor for that which should not be problematic.

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The pulleys can be used individually for exercises such as lat and tricep pulldowns.

The smith machine allows you to do squats, one of the best leg exercises. And if you get a separate bar you can do free weights squats too. There are high brackets to keep your separate bar on an optimal position. However keep in mind that no leg press is supported.

Bicep exercises are possible with the pulleys. That said, there’s no preacher curl station.

Marcy Combo Smith Machine – Advantages

The bench can take 600 pounds, and that is including the user weight. The bar catches on the frame can take a 300 pounds weight. The leg developer is rated for 100 pounds. So, like many home gyms also this apparatus suits for bigger people looking to lose fat.

The best thing to do before you buy Marcy Combo Smith Machine is to check out this review!

Everything you see in the pictures will be shipped with the machine. Those attachments include clip collars, V bar, tricep rope, handles and ankle strap.

If you want to buy a real Olympic bar feel free to do that! The machine has holders for bar at a good height for free weight bench press and squat.

You can adjust many aspects of this machine, for example the height of the safety catches to nine different positions.

Marcy Combo Smith Machine – disadvantages

It is common for home fitness stations to exclude weights. Unfortunately, that’s also true with Marcy. It comes without weight plates and you need to get them separately. However, the machine supports both Olympic weight plates with 2″ diameter hole as well as standard 1″ weight plates. It has a removable sleeve/adapter for both kind of plates.

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The machine has plastic sliding sleeves, no linear bearings. Some people see this as a disadvantage however I think it’s just a small blunder.

Is it better than a traditional gym?

There are things that make Marcy Combo Smith Machine beat a gym. First is the price: obviously, in the long run, the one-time fee of this apparatus will be cheaper than monthly subscription of a gym. Also, because this machine sits in your home next to you, you feel less resistance using it than taking a drive or walk to the gym and changing your clothes etc. All the essential exercises can be done with this Marcy, so in terms of effectiveness, it’s the same than a commercial gym.

The best thing to do before you buy Marcy Combo Smith Machine is to check out this review!

Can I fit it in my room?

These home gyms are large and the Marcy is no different. The machine’s official dimensions are 98″ length, 59″ width and 82″ height. However, the smith bar will be wider than that, 80″. Length of the bench in flat position is 48.5″. Also the machine is narrower at the end, approximately 34″, and going further where the weight on the pulley reside, the width is just 22″.

Also remember the apparatus weighs a lot. It will be 289 pounds. Moving Marcy Combo Smith Machine around will take a lot of effort, especially when there are no rollers beneath. I advice to use a rubber mat under it so your floor doesn’t crack.

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How long to assemble the unit?

The Marcy comes in parts and you indeed need to put it together. People have been saying it takes anything from 5 to 10 hours to assemble. Many have divided the assembly to several days, only working an hour or so per day – a good idea for you if you’re not in a hurry!

The machine is shipped in three smaller boxes:

Box #1: 81.5″ x 17″ x 7″ at 154 pounds
Box #2: 44.5″ x 19″ x 8″ at 86.5 pounds
Box #3: 50″ x 17.5″ x 7″ at 50.5 pounds


Marcy Combo Smith Machine gets beginner and intermediate trainers in shape effectively and affordably. Using it few times a week and giving the workout your everything will make changes to your body. If you also watch your diet, don’t eat junk food and keep your calorie input lower than you consume, fat loss will happen. This is not just my opinion – the product has received very positive reviews from people over the Internet, saying the machine helped them to get fit. If you want to join this crowd of happy people I recommend getting the Marcy fitness machine now!

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