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Is it a smart thing to buy Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800? You will know, just read this review first!

There are so many different approaches in building the perfect home gym. Many manufacturers opt for multi-station machines with pec decks, pulleys and leg stations. Those work well for the casual home gym goer, but what if you’re more advanced and want to progress to free weight exercises? To those that are often regarded as the best for fat loss and muscle growth? In that case, you either have to sign up for a commercial gym or buy something like Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800. In this review, I’ll tell you if the latter solution is really worth your money and time.

What is this apparatus?

This home gym is a power rack which supports, in my opinion, the best strength training exercises available for a human. The manufacturer Marcy has been producing home gym equipment for decades – they started in the late fifties – so great craftsmanship and quality can be expected. Indeed, the frame is made of sturdy 14-gauge 2.5 x 2.5 inches square tubing.

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The best exercises for Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800

If you ask me, these power racks are the most effective pieces of home gym equipment. The reason is, they support the best multi-joint compound exercises that give the “best bang for your buck”. I have included some here.

Does it make sense to buy the Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800? To find out, check out this review!

By moving the bar catches on the main frame high enough, you can do a squat with this machine. Both back and front squats are possible. I recommend including them in your workout routine if you care about leg and back strength.

Because Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 comes with a bench, if you lower the bar catches, you can easily do bench press. Actually, the bench can be adjusted so incline and decline presses are possible. I vouch for the incline version because it is going to do wonders for your upper chest.

Military presses are one thing that is likewise doable here. Either the standing one or sitting one on the included bench. Your shoulders will get hit hard and probably even grow after exercising long enough.

A deadlift-like movement, the rack pull, is easy because the horizontal support steel tubes run at a perfect height for that. The rack pulls are really a core exercise, mostly developing your posterior chain (back).

Lastly, the king of bodyweight movements, the dips and pull ups! Both are possible here – a pull-up bar is included on top and two dip bars on the side of the machine. The top bar allows for pull ups and chin ups, however no neutral-grip pull ups. Also the top bar is made so that close-grip work isn’t possible. But these are only small drawbacks in the big picture.

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Video demonstration

The strong points

Adjustable and bench is included on Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800. It can be put to flat, incline and decline positions with around ten slots for the angle adjustment. 90 degrees, also known as a full incline is supported, too. The bench is separated from the cage, meaning it’s not connected to the frame.

Likewise, height of safety bars (the long steel ones), bar catches (the short ones) and the dip bars can be adjusted to your liking.

The maximum user weight is the standard 300 pounds, so even the bigger of us can operate this safely. The bar catches will take a 300-pound load as well so a big squat and huge bench press can be done on this. Moreover, I’ve read people weighing 250lbs doing pull ups and dips. All in all, it’s a sturdy machine and will take a lot of beating and still not budge.

The weak points

Unfortunately, any kind of bar is not included with Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800. The same goes for weights plates. Thus, you must buy the bar and plates separately which increases the costs a bit.

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A minimum of 8 feet ceiling is required – the top support frame and pull up bar can not be lowered.

Information on assembly and measurements

The tools required are wrenches and pliers. No more are needed as far as I know.

When Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 is assembled, it will take space of 78″ width, 51.5″ depth (with bench) and 85″ height. Thus, you can not fit it into low-ceiling 7 feet rooms. This is especially true if you’re planning to do chin/pull ups since your head will go well above the top bar.

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The product weighs 116 pounds. If you put a mat under you can probably move it by yourself. In any case, it’s lighter than most home gym stations.

The distance between uprights on the outside is 44 inches, and on the inside 39.5 inches. Bear this in mind when choosing a bar – at least 7 feet Olympic bars work fine with this.

The bar catches can be put from 27 to 68 inches, the safety bar begin from the same height and max out at 58 inches.

The bench’s height from floor to the top padding is 18 and half inches.

Other interesting things

If you want to buy additional bar catches for Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800, remember the current ones have 1 1/4″ diameter and the hole you put them in has 1 1/16″ diameter.

Leg extension is not included. You need to buy one separately. But you might be happy with squat, it is an excellent leg muscle builder.


Impex Marcy Power Rack PM-3800 is more of a professional home gym than a machine with many stations. The heavy-duty frame allows for heavy-duty movements, including the “big three” of squats, bench presses and rack pull deadlifts. Considering that you can do these gym-grade exercises, the price is inexpensive – compare it to monthly fees of a gym. So, do not hesitate to get this Marcy if you want to experience “wow, looks good” effect on your body after using the machine some time. You will have a real gym at your home with this apparatus!

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