How Can A Home Gym Help You Lose Fat?

Read this article to find out the connection between fat loss and home gyms!

Losing fat has never been easy. However, there are only few (if any) people who don’t want to lose it – at least a little bit of fat. Thousands of products have been offered for help, ranging from diet pills to running mills to low-calorie foods. While some of these help, it must be admitted that many are pure snake oil. One of the more common items that is touted as fat loss friendly is home gym – you just buy it, use it and lose it (the fat). But is it really this easy, or is there something else behind the fat shedding question? I have collected the most essential points about fat loss, and explain you how they actually connect to working out with home gyms.

1. Only calorie deficit will help you lose weight

Not only in theory, but also in practice, all you need to remove weight from your body is to eat less. By that I mean, to eat less than your body consumes. If, say, your body needs 2500 calories a day for the current lifestyle you are having, and you are only eating food worth of 2200 calories, what will happen? You will lose weight. So simple. So, do we have the answer here – just eat less, don’t work out, and fat will be lost and you will look good?

Not exactly. You see, in the aforementioned scenario, I said you will lose weight. And weight includes what? Fat, yes, but what else? Muscles, too! Because your body will not get all the ingredients it needs to survive and thrive from outside sources (food), it turns to inside sources. And there are two sources in you: fat and muscle. And guess which has more ingredients your body likes? Yep, muscles. That is why the saying “muscles are the first to go when dieting” is true. The body simply finds the most effective way to feed itself, which in this case is muscles. Fat will be used too but to a lesser extent. This is a problem, but the solution is close…

2. By exercising while dieting you minimize the muscle loss

There, you have the solution to the dieting problem. You need to use your muscles to lift heavy weights when eating at a calorie deficit. This way, you are essentially telling your body that the muscles are indeed a necessary thing – not something that can be melted for body’s food! It is true that you might not have many muscles to begin with, but if you were to lose the ones you have now, you would probably end up looking skinny fat. And that is something I or you don’t really want, right?

So, by signaling your body the muscles have a job to do, your body will spare them and turn to the only other option left, which is fat. Fat is not so ingredient-rich as your muscles, but because you are lifting heavy weights, your body would be crushed without the muscles you have, right? It’s not a good idea to die, so the body will surely leave the muscles at peace. In fact, if you are a beginner, your muscles will probably grow if you hit them hard while eating less than you consume. Talk about body recomposition, eh?

3. Work out smart at home to maximize gains and minimize effort

Now we know that dieting + lifting is truly the only way to “lose fat”. So, you have choices where you want work out. Either you go to gym or get home fitness equipment. Both are excellent choices especially for people starting out. But the home gym can not be beaten in one thing: time saved. The fitness station stays in your room, constantly reminding of its presence to you. You just need to walk a few meters and start training. Clothes can be changed anywhere. Compare this to a commercial gym to where you need to drive, find parking spot, go to locker room, and probably even wait for your turn for a machine or bench. That all is a non-issue if you exercise in your place!

Is it possible to lose fat with home gym? Read this article to find out!

By working out smart, I mean to do everything necessary to make sure your muscles don’t melt. And to make sure they might even grow even though you’re not on caloric surplus. You need to hit your body parts with the right amount of sets and repetitions (called sets and reps in the jargon). In fitness circles, it is a known fact that 3-5 sets with 8-12 repetitions is the best range for muscle building. We can pick the most common “set x rep” range, which is 3×8. In plain English it means: lift the weight eight times in a row, rest a couple of minutes, lift the weight eight times again, rest a couple of minutes and lift the weights eight times for the last time. It’s simple when you think about it. Doing the 3×8 workout (or similar) will ensure that your precious muscles are not consumed by your body while on calorie deficit!

Do not neglect work out. Do not especially neglect dieting

Many people actually understand the importance of dieting. Most of them also understand the concept of exercise while dieting: if you don’t work out, prepare to lose considerable amounts of muscle. But, what happens if you don’t watch what you eat, and only work out? After all, you might have heard the word “bulking” which means eating a lot of food. And many times, those buff guys at your local gym eat so much. So, what if I don’t actually diet and just work out till I drop?

I have bad news for you. Those guys that “look buff” in the gym have been active for years. Their bodies are full of muscles, their metabolism high as a result. They can and will consume more food than a mere beginner. If your goal is to lose fat, and you follow the gym boys’ advice of not dieting but exercising to the maximum, you will not lose fat. You will gain muscle, yes, but the muscle will still be under the fat layer. So, if you have excess lard, drop that first by eating less and hitting your home gym!

So, what now?

Now you know the essentials behind fat loss, and how it intertwines with dieting and home gyms. The gist is, both are needed to shed that fat. Dieting alone will make your body look like a baggy skeleton due to loss of fat but also muscles. Hitting home gym alone and not caring what you eat won’t melt your fat away. Combining these two is an essential thing to lose fat the right way!

2 thoughts on “How Can A Home Gym Help You Lose Fat?”

  1. Great article. I think most of us who want to lose weight forget that it’s necessary to do weights and we just simply do cardio. Does doing resistance training like rowing also help you for fat loss? Does it help build muscle?

    1. To lose weight, you must eat less than you consume. Of that weight, it’s possible to lose either muscle or fat. If you want the lost weight to come from fat, not muscle, you must in addition do resistance training to show your body it needs muscles. So yes, as laid out in the article, resistance training like rowing helps in fat loss.
      For clean muscle building, increase your calorie intake so you gain weight around half a pound per week and do resistance training 4-5 times a week. Most of the weight that come will be muscle, just a little bit or no fat.

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