Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Function Power Tower Review

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It is not a secret that getting a fit body is either the goal or dream for many. If it’s already your goal and you are doing fine, everything is alright. However, if it’s in the dream stage, you need to do something about it! One of the best things to transform the dream of fit body to reality is to exercise. You can either go to gym, or save some money (indeed in the long run) and buy Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Function Power Tower for your home. Below I have answered some of the most essential questions about this product…

So, what is this Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower?

When you hear the word home gym, you might think about a fancy-looking machine with stations for different parts of your body: a leg department, pec deck, some pulleys. Well, this power tower isn’t exactly like that. It’s a bodyweight training apparatus which, perhaps surprisingly to you, offers one of the best workouts you can do at home. Like with traditional home gyms, the frame of this tower is made of steel. Thus, durability and longevity can be expected.

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What are the exercises I can do?

It might also be that you think bodyweight exercises are inferior to home gyms or power racks. But that’s not true. They put a tremendous stress on your body – the good kind of stress – which when combined with diet and sleep will either lose fat or build muscle on your body. The essential movements you can do here include:

Dips – Dips are the ultimate tricep/chest builder when it comes to these bodyweight exercises. They are en excellent thing to do for your upper body. However one thing to keep in mind, don’t go too low! Otherwise, your shoulders or the area close to them will start to hurt.

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Pull ups – Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower has a pull-up station which allows for pull ups with all the grips: hands facing towards you, away from you and hands facing each other. Each of them offers a little bit different stimulus, but in general, pull ups are a upper back and bicep dominant exercise. Indeed, many regard them as the king of upper body workouts.

Leg raises – This one is for your core, meaning mostly the abs. You can either position yourself on the elbow/forearm pads and lower handles and do the leg raises there. Or then you can go for the advanced hanging leg raise version. You hang from the pull-up bar and raise your legs from there. This is something you want to do for a well-developed midsection.

A few other exercises are possible with this tower, but the ones listed above are definitely the best ones you can do.

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The advantages

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower can take a lot of beating and it won’t budge. There was a report of a 240lbs man doing his moves with the machine without any issues. Indeed, the weight capacity for this unit is 400 pounds. Now, how many of us weighs four hundred pounds? Nobody. At least you can do huge weighted chin ups and dips with this.

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The machine comes with two handle bars which you can install to a height of your liking. They are used for a couple of exercises. However, this is different than the big arms with two upward handles you see on the picture. Those big arms can not be adjusted, but they flare out: in the center, they are around 22 inches apart, and at the outer end, around 25 inches apart. Thus, you can modify your dip grip width.

The disadvantages

Bodyweight exercises don’t really offer much for your legs. So you’re not going to get a solid lower body workout with this or any machine meant for bodyweight moves.

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How does it compare to multifunctional home gym?

The main difference between this and a home gym is the weights used. Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower uses your bodyweight as resistance while home gyms use pulleys or plates. Now, your muscles don’t really know what kind of weight is stressing them. But I can tell that bodyweight exercises also teach you to control & stabilize body and build your core in a way these pulleys or even weight plates can’t do. Dips and pull ups are definitely harder things to do than pulley movements, but they are probably more rewarding in the long run!

Is it hard to assemble?

Not at all! One of the best things about power towers and Fitness Reality X-Class in particular is the ease of assemble. Good instructions are provided and by following them you’ll set this up in an hour or two all by yourself.

When assembled, the dimensions are 63.5″ length, 49″ width and 83″ height. However, if you’re planning to do pull-ups, your head will obviously go higher than the machine’s 83 inches. I’d say you need around 95 inches clearance if you want to do pull ups with this.

The machine doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor. It does not fold up for storage.


Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Function Power Tower might be a tad more expensive than its competitors, but it surely is a quality piece of home strength training equipment. The essential thing is its sturdiness – countless of people have reported that it stays firm no matter what exercises you do and how heavy you are. And in general, these bodyweight movements will get you fit as long as you keep working out for a while. So, if getting in shape interests you but you don’t fancy free weights or pulleys, choosing this power tower is a great idea!

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