Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower Review

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Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower is a home gym to get you in shape - read this review for more information!

As the popular saying goes, there are many ways to skin an out-of-shape cat. Some, dare I say the majority, join a commercial gym and pay them every month. It is a fine solution if you don’t mind the monthly fee and other people seeing you work out. But, if you want to save some serious cash and exercises privately, a piece of equipment like Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower could come handy…

So, what exactly is this home gym?

Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower is, as the name implies, a power tower. It is good for certain bodyweight movements that concentrate on the upper body. Indeed, the weight comes from your own body, no external plates are required.

Like most home gyms, it is made from reinforced steel which will carry even heavier users well.

For what workouts is it good?

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Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower is ideal for many things you can do with your bodyweight. The money exercises are obviously chin ups and pull ups that work the pulling muscles of your upper body – mostly biceps (arms), latissimus dorsi (back) and core (abs). Another excellent movement is dips that are a tricep (rear arms) and lower chest dominant exercise.

Also a great ab movement is possible here. The leg raise – either holding the dip bars or the pull up bar. The latter is harder, thus more effective.

Unfortunately, working legs isn’t really possible with this machine.

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The strong points

You can adjust the height of dip handles. The lowest point is at 64.6 inches and the highest 84.6 inches. There should be four options for height, and you adjust it from the knob/pin on the arm.

Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower review will tell if the home gym is a good buy or notIt will be good for bigger users as well, supporting at least a 220 pounds person. And because at highest the machine stands at a tad over 7 feet, a tall person shouldn’t find it tough to use. Just remember to leave some clearance above the top bar too if you’re planning to do full range pull and chin ups!


Even though you can adjust the dip handle height (vertical), you can not adjust them horizontally. They are fixed at 22.44 inches apart from each other. This does not affect most, but some people would probably want different grip widths for their dips.

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Is it very big machine?

At the tallest height, the Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower measures at 84.6 inches. Thus it should fit a low ceiling room alright.

The dimensions of the base are 30.7 x 42.5 inches. All in all, the Docheer is much smaller than your average home gym.

Is it good for me?

Depending on your goal, this power tool can be a great choice. If you want to lose fat, bodyweight movements are an excellent thing to do. They are like the antithesis of fat, in essence by doing them you’re telling your body to shed all the lard that drags you down and is detrimental for the said bodyweight exercises. So, combining this machine with calorie deficit diet is a surefire way to lose the extra fat and minimize muscle loss.

If you want to buy Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower you'd better read this review first!Now, if you want to build muscle, this power tower is handy too. You can perform all the said exercises and enjoy the muscle mass they will bring to your arms, back and even abs. But more importantly you have to eat tad more than you consume, otherwise your muscles will not get the fuel they need to grow.

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Should I choose Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower over a real gym?

Again, it’s really about your goals. For general fat loss and muscle building there is no reason to go to a gym, this power tower will get you in shape with the help of your bodyweight. But if you want to train lower body also, or want to progress in certain exercises such as bench press and deadlift, a commercial gym would be a better choice.

How hard is the assembly?

The fortunate thing with Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower is its simplicity. It is not a complex machine at all, most people said it took only half an hour or maximum an hour to set it up!


Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower is a no-frills home gym. You can train your upper body hard with the best bodyweight movements (including the popular pull ups and dips). Due to effectiveness of these “calisthenics” exercises, the power tower is good for people with different goals – be it fat loss or just building muscle. But a word of warning for those wanting to beef up their legs too: you can’t really work out the lower body with this machine. If you are fine with this limitation, there is nothing stopping you from getting the Docheer. It’s really a cheap tool but will work wonders for your upper body strength and muscles.

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