Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym Review

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You might be interested in a better body. To be honest, all the people I know are. Not everybody admits it, but all of them want to be in shape. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and going to a commercial gym is one of the most popular ones. But, there are also certain reasons why one would want to workout at home – for example, being very self-conscious about his/her body or not having time to travel to gym. In this case, a workout machine such as Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym could be a good choice for you. So let’s see.

The essentials

Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym is one of the mainstream home gyms: it looks like the one in advertisements you might’ve seen, and it allows for many kinds of exercises – including those of lower body. You can use it with a weight stack that you install yourself, or then “old-fashioned” plates. The maximum resistance the machine seems to offer is 150 pounds.

The bar is made for 1″ plates, but you can also put 2″ Olympic plates there. Adapters are sold to make sure those bigger diameter plates fit in nicely (yet the adapters are optional, not necessarily needed to keep the weights in place!)

Can I do exercise X with Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym?

There is a host of exercises that the Body-Solid machine supports. It’s a full-body station after all, and to get a balanced body it’s often recommended to utilize these kinds of home gyms fully.

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For arms, you can do standing bicep curls and tricep pressdowns/extensions/kickbacks. For chest, there is bench/incline press and cable pullover. For shoulders, the selection consists of upright rows, deltoid raise and shoulder press.

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For back, feel free to do lat pulldowns and bent over/seated rows. For abs, you can do crunches and oblique bends. For legs, the possibilities are leg curls, extensions and adductions.

Does this machine beat a real gym or not?

There are several advantages of Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym over a traditional gym. The first one is price. Yes, this one costs several hundreds dollars, but it’s a one-time fee. To a commercial gym you’ll pay more or less 50 bucks each month. So after a year it will actually be more expensive going to gym than working out at home.

Another advantage is the discreet workout possibility. Many find it a mental obstacle to go to a gym where other people workout. Maybe you don’t like your body and don’t want to show it off, or perhaps you are nervous of the professional gym goers watching and criticizing you. Well, this won’t happen if you opt for a home gym station like this Body-Solid.

When talking about effectiveness, both options are good. The machine and commercial gym both build muscle if you just take the time to actually work out!

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The strong points

The machine is pin operated so it’s easy to use. Going from one exercise to another one happens in a matter of seconds.

Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym is a tried and tested product, it’s been selling well for many years. The manufacturer should also have original replacement parts if something ever breaks up.

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Considering it’s All-in-One home gym, the price is very affordable. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.

To reiterate, you can do all the essential exercises on this machine. Everything is covered: pectorals, biceps, shoulders, lats and legs.

The weak points

Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym has no weights included. So you can’t operate it unless you buy them. Well, it’s easy to add the weight stack (or individual weight plates) to shopping cart, but they surely cost some extra!

The instructions can be hard to read. That is a common problem with these home gyms – most other things are in check, but when you need to assemble it, prepare for tough times!

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Is it very big?

The Body-Solid isn’t too large a machine. The assembled dimensions are 38″ width, 61″ length and 84″ height. I bet you can find place for it in most rooms.

The material is steel and the apparatus weighs 125 pounds. It’s not that much, but you’d still better put a rubber mat or something underneath to prevent damage to floor. Unfortunately, the machine doesn’t have rollers under it.

How tough it is to assemble Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym?

The machine comes with an exploded illustration. There are several people who complained it being unclear and hard to understand. At any rate, it will take at least 3-4 hours to assemble this. But of course when it’s assembled you probably don’t need to disassemble or even move the apparatus very often.

Does the product last long?

This Body-Solid has been in the market for over 10 years. It should give you hint that the machine is durable. Many people have been using it for 2-3 years without any problems. It is however a good idea to replace the cables every five years.

The warranty for frame is a whopping 10 years, and for all the other parts of this machine one year.


Body-Solid Powerline Hardcore Home Gym, like most workout stations, is as good as you want it to be. If you use if often, don’t cheat on the exercises and watch what you eat, you can surely lose weight and even pack some muscle with this machine. In fact, with this Body-Solid there is little reason to go to gym – the apparatus is much cheaper in the long run and will be as effective if you don’t slack on it. So, if getting fit at home sounds like your thing, we recommend opting for this Body-Solid machine!

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