Should You Be Worried About Belly Fat?

photo1As we get older, we all put on a little bit of weight. Of course, if we look after our health and exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, then chances are we will have a lesser amount of fat around the belly.

Belly fat is you may be concerned about. Literally everyone takes a look in the mirror from time to time, holding on to their belly fat and promising themselves that they will get rid of it someday.

But there are a few that don’t even do that, and instead neglect their belly fat! Maybe what they are going to read here will change their mind and make them realise that being slim and fit will help you live longer.

Belly fat is the fat that lies over your abdomen that you can grab with your hands. It is sometimes called subcutaneous fat, meaning ‘fat lying under the skin’. Many of us call it the “tyre” around the abdomen.

Fat also lies within the abdominal cavity, around the organs and other structures. This is called visceral fat. Recently, scientists and doctors have been studying these fats, and have looked into what can cause more harm.

So belly fat includes both fat that lies around the abdomen and within the abdomen.

The problem with belly fat is that it can release toxins into your blood stream. This is more so in the case of the fat that lies within the abdominal cavity as compared to what we can see on the outside. It is the hidden belly fat that releases cytokines – chemicals that can increase inflammation of the tissues and lead to damage of healthy organs including the heart. Belly fat can increase the risk of developing diabetes, heart attacks and stroke.

Fat is present elsewhere in the body, and if you are overweight, chances are you will have fat around the arms, in the upper chest, around the legs (sometimes called cellulite) and around the buttocks. This fat is unsightly, but not as harmful as belly fat.

It is simple to measure your belly fat using a tape measure around the abdomen. The hidden fat however is difficult to measure, but taking the right steps in staying slim and exercising regularly can reduce harmful belly fat. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat, and cut down the salts and fats. Exercise when you get a chance. Simple steps are all that it take to trim your fat to reveal a slim waistline!

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